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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  June 6, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> reporter: east palo alto police vast a juvenile in connection with a homicide on saturday night. find out how a second teenager could also be facing charges. >> reporter: we're live in san francisco at the worldwide developers conference and apple's ceo, steve jobs, took the stage. find out what he had to say -- coming up. and new information on the memorial services for two fallen san francisco firefighters. those stories and more -- next on the ktvu channel 2 news at noon.
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good afternoon. in a matter of minutes, police will tell us more information about an arrest in a kyle that has shocked even veteran police officers. the new development involves the arrest of a shooting death of a 3-month-old baby boy in east palo alto. kraig debro joins us now with more information. looks like you are at the police department, kraig. >> reporter: good afternoon. we're inside the police department headquarters. we're setting up for a news conference. the chief is supposed to be out here. rarely has a killing like this evoked so many emotions from the police as well as the public. the names and ages of the arrests of those suspected of killing and shooting that 3- month-old boy, their names are
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brying -- being withhold. police pulled over a vehicle, the father was in it. the vehicle was riddled with bullets. his mother and father were shot. the mother had a gunshot wound in her back from trying to shield her babies. >> it was just a regular get- together. parents in the front, kids playing ball in the back. just -- to go from that to here, everything that's happened here -- it's a complete shock. >> reporter: the boy's 3-year- old brother and mother and father were all in the car. more than 50 people attended the vigil of the -- for the boy. police believe the family was targeted by the shooters but bun big question is why. as you look back live at a shot
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of the podium here, we're gonna ask police why it was the family was targeted. we also want to know what led police too the arrests. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we may check in with you in a little bit. thank you, chicago -- kraig. oakland police are announcing an arrest in what they are calling a cold-blooded weekend homicide. james dadia was shot and killed at o'hara park middle school early saturday morning. friends say the gunman just ran up and shot him. they held a vigil for him last night. police received a tip that led him to damian desoty, an oakland resident. they say after questioning him he was placed under arrest.
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we're learning new details from authorities in sunnyvale about a body found inside a garbage bag in a normally quiet neighborhood. an autopsy is underway. authorities have confirmed the victim was a healthcare woman. a homeowner found the body inside the bag. the homeowner thought it was garbage dumped in his yard at first. another neighbor told ktvu news this morning he was quite surprised to hear about the body. >> i'm shocked. i've lived here for 30 years, a little over and never had even a robbery near my house. >> police are treating this as a homicide and are waiting for results from the autopsy to determine the person's identity and the cause of death. in less than one hour, at 1:00, in southern california, the attorney for the man suspected of beating giants'
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fan bryan stow will file a motion that he says will clear his client. the attorney is seeking surveillance video from a los angeles area comfort inn. it's from april 1st, the day after the beating outside of dodger stadium. the video allegedly shows ramirez with a full head of hair. the individual described in the beating was bald. new information this noontime on the memorial services for the two san francisco firefighters killed in the line of duty. anthony vallerio and vincent perez were overcome by smoke and fire at a house fire in the die min heights neighborhood. perez died the day of the fire. the san francisco fire department now tells us a vigil for both men will take place this thursday at 7:00 at st. mary's cathedral. on friday, a funeral will take
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place. that's set for 12:30 in the afternoon. stay with us for the latest on the investigation into the deadly fire. just go to and click on the sf firefighter tab on the front page. happening right now in oakland, the city officials are unveiling their own radio system for police and firefighters. they are designed to give clear, reliable reseptembertion in owl parts -- recenttion in all part -- reception in all parts of the county. apple's ceo made a rare public appearance in san francisco. steve jobs is on medical leave but he wanted to take part in the unveiling of new products. jade hernandez is live with the appearance and the announcement. >> reporter: make no mistake, the excitement was over the man considered a rock czar.
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he took the stage two hours -- when he took the stage two hours ago. [ cheers and applause ] he took the stage right on time. he looked thin, paced slowly across the stage and spoke with a softer voice. he had taken a break from time off and -- to give the keynote address of the worldwide developers conference. it was a soldout event. each excited the true rock star of this event did not dispoint. what he did not was present the entire time. he did make the inproduction to all of the developers and engineers in the audience. if the hardware is the brain of our product, the software in
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them, is the soul. today we're gonna talk about software. >> reporter: the first software upgrade available through the app store in july for under $30. then ios 5's new application available in the fall and just a half-hour ago, the discussion of icloud. jobs only took the stage for inlow duction -- introduction for the icloud. jobs mentioned at the beginning three-fourths of the macs shipped today are books. what we can show you there are a lot of developers and developers -- developers just leaving. the keynote address yapped up about ten minutes ago. tom vacar will -- just wrapped up about ten minutes ago. tom vacar will have more on all of this at 5:00. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2
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news. >> thank you, jade. the unions are ready to negotiate pension reform. the two unions have set up an rv across the street -- street -- >> we're gonna be here 24/. we're ready to talk about it. we want something that makes sense to everything. >> the unions say so far they've been disappointed in the city's evons -- in the city roo -- in the city's response to the offers. jury deliberations are taking place in the murder trial of chauncey bailey. jurors are working to find the fate of yusef bey iv and his assistant, mackey. the two men are charged with
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killing bailey back in 2007. today marks the beginning of week three in the casey anthony trial. this is video of her arriving this morning. she's accused of killing her daughter. this week, prosecutors will consider to -- will continue to focus on forensic evidence. there were air am spells take -- air samples taken from the vehicle. >> and did you recognize the odor? >> yes. >> what did you recognize the odor to be? >> decomposition. back to developing news. we're following east palo alto, you are looking at live pictures from the police department and a very emotional
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mother whose 3-month-old child has -- was shot down in a fire. let's go now live to the press conference which is just underway. >> of one of two suspects responsible for the heinous crime of the triple shooting and the murder of a 3-month-old infant. i would like to thank the community for their assistance, for their open because this case could not -- would not have been solved without them being engage engagened and this community came together. i want to thank the agencies that helped us, from the initial call, from the initial tragic call that we received. we received assistance from the palo alto police department, menlo park police d, we received assistance from the
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san mateo county gang force. the district attorney's e-- district attorney's office and their assistance was critical in gathering evidence in the first phases of the investigation. i want to tell you how we came about the details in this case. i definitely want to thank the detectives, they've been without sleep and working tenaciously with the last 24 hours, with one focus in find,ened -- focus in mind and that is to bring justice to this community. in response to this incident, we were able to call in our volunteer team. we have two detectives, they were called in from the office
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a -- house along with -- they then called in representatives from the probation and parole departments along with the paul low alto police department, informed and put together and created a special response team to start gathering evidence about this case. early on, we received some information that it may be -- and we toledo you yesterday, we did not confirm, but it may have been gang involved. so hart of the oh, yesterday, they work with the other organizations. we were focusing on that area. as you recall, the suspects were described as leaving foot in the area. it was possible they went to a car. it was also possible they did not. we went to within a half-mile
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area and to try to capture the suspects. it's that team, the detectivessened, the palo -- detectives and the palo alto police department, that came upon those attacks -- the suspects. we arrested a 16-year-old and a 17-year-old yesterday with various weapon charges in which three firearms were recovered. it's the work of the team that made the arrest. one of the two is now being arrested for the murder of the infant boy. i wanted to thank all of the individuals in this. when you ask question, keep in mind, this is still an active investigation. we still have another suspect. and second, we would ask that
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in your question, to the text ent -- to the extent possible that you respect the family. you can only imagine what they are feeling and that when you ask them questions, you keep that in mind. with that i'm going to ask the mayor to make some comments. >> thank you all for being here. as you know, yesterday, at the community was shocked by the heinous crime. when i visited the victim in the house, i prime minister missed her that hee -- i promised her that hee would spare no justice to bring in -- we would spare no just is to bring in the suspect -- justice to bring in the suspects spongessic. east palo alto is certainly not a ways where you can shoot
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somebody and kill a 3-year-old that had nothing to do with anything about this case. we very much want you to respect the family and the mother with your questions. we don't want to turn this into a sir kiss. she's been find enough to show up here. we appeal to your highest, professional journalist tick ethicses -- journalistic ethics. i cannot thank our police department, our police chief for the incredible work they've done over the last 24 hours. there has not been a dry eye in this office. i saw the guys. these are big guys. they clearly went to task. we owe them a huge round of applause for tracking down these people. [ applause ] >> thank you very much. >> i just want to make one
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thing clear because we're still working, in identifying the second suspect, the reward that we announced yesterday is still very much a part of helping to solve this case. so in that sense, today we're only announcing the arrest of one person. i want to turn to my boss. the city manager. he didn't -- he didn't want to say anything now. i called him at -- it had to be around 1:00, 1:30 to let them know about the tragedy and at that time he authority tiesed early in the morning, the reward -- authorized early in the morning, the reward. his response was to to me was to put the money out there. i think this was very critical in putting that information
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out. would before we get to the -- before we get to the family, i want to turn it over to the act -- to the acting captain on this case. as you guys all know, you have the details of the case. yesterday, approximately 1:00 p.m., the chief already alluded to it, we had teams of officers out in the neighborhoods, conducting parole searches. on larkspur, at an address they recovered three handguns, detained two subjects and further investigate -- based on further investigation of the field, were table take those two subjects -- two subjects
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into custody. -- were those two subjects that were taken into custody. without being able to release his name, i can say this -- it's the person depicted in this photograph here. i have actual copies of it here. it's the person depictured in this composite here. there was a question earlier about whether or not the subjects detained -- apparently you have into thage about the search on larkspur. those were the two subjects -- subjects that were detained a -- those were the two subjects that were detained and brought in here. >> do you want to go to questions? >> i did want to mention that one of the reasons we were able to apprehend the suspects so quickly was because we had cooperation from the community and we want to make it kleely
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-- really clear that without that, we may have an a-team police department but without cooperation from the community in any criminal activity in our city, we cannot put an end to it. so thank you, community, for being so participate tori -- programory -- program -- participatary. i left without some information. you guys probably want to know why the crime occurred. based on our investigation so far, what we understand is on that eye -- is that on may 31st, in redwood city there was an alteration between a serano street gang and one of these -- the individual -- the individual that we have arrested. during that altercation, the -- our suspect was beaten up. >> on the night in question our
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investigation tells us that the suspect that we've arrested saw two individuals on wisteria that he believed to have been participating in the crime in redwood city, arming himself in his -- the accomplice and they went to wisteria drive and believes that those individuals who beat him up were in that vehicle fired -- in that vehicle fired. >> but they were not. >> no. >> case of mistaken identity. >> yes. >> the people that were in the car, did they know ahead of time that they would be visiting the area? >> i don't believe so. >> based on what we have so far it appears that they just happened to see them on wisteria drive and believed they were in the car, which
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they were not. >> you can just spell your name. >> jeff liu. >> did they -- >> who are you looking for in terms of the second suspect? >> the second suspect in this case although we're open to any tips or leads that we get to the community at this point, right now, the second person detained and booked on weapons charges -- is definitely a -- is definitely a strong person of interest. at this time, we don't have enough to book him on it, but we feel that he's involved with the crime but we're still hoping to any tips or leads. >> jeff, did both suspects shoot into the vehicle or did -- or was there only one and if so, do you have the gun? >> right now, that's still under investigation. so i can't tell you for sure on that. >> did they admit to knowing there were children in the car.
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>> no. >> the second suspect with the hooded sweatshirt, is that the sketch -- >> yes. >> will the juvenile be tried as an adult? >> that's a decision made in collaboration with the d.a.'s office, but we're gonna -- definitely gonna seek the most appropriate punishment available. >> the suspect is -- >> 1. >> 1 -- is 17. >> you have both suspects in this -- the question is inaudible. >> the second suspect was he --
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[ the question is inaudible ] >> reporter: right now we haven't submitted to to that right now -- to that right. >> were there serano gang members at the baby shower. >> we haven't confirmed that. but we believe so. >> the two suspects that you have are they known gang members. >> that's still under investigation. >> you tracked these guys down by doing a canvass -- >> what happened. our officers went to one house and their attention was one to the -- was drawn to the next house. so that wasn't even the target address. >> the community was given credit for assisting what role -- what role? >> receiving tips, numerous tips
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tips -- >> this is a pretty detailed composite. i will tell you this is very much consistent with the look at the individuals detained. this composite was put together before we did the detention. they could not have done that usually comes out. this was detailed information. people paying attention and getting involved. >> he -- there were statements
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made but i'm not gonna say whether or not he confessed or not. i -- even if i was -- i still would not -- i'm not saying confession. >> what kind of a weapon -- >> we're not gonna -- we're not getting into that. >> when we were talking to witnesses, they had no problem leading us to other witnesses and when we talked to those witnesses, they didn't hesitate in providing information and coming in and sitting down for several hours with the composite artist who put together these -- >> who is gonna get the money,
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the reward? how -- how will that be decided? >> i will give you the chief for that. >> in collaboration -- i the information -- when we put out the reward, that was for leading to the arrest and conviction -- let me bring this part clear -- the arrest has been made. we're working to present the case to the district attorney who will make the decision on the charging. obviously, we've been collaborating with them from the moment that the shooting occurred. once weep get into the actual charging and -- once we get into the actual charging, we can identify who should receive any funding or any of the reward money if appropriate. >> that's why -- that's why i i introduced the city manager. the reward is still out there because we still need information to hold everyone
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accountable. the case will be presented to the d.a. we have the second one that we made clear that we are focusing -- our focus of a prime suspect -- the case is very much open. it's very active. we still need all of the tips that this community can provide us. the reward is still active. >> do you make a recommendation to the d.a. whether or not the individual should be charged as an adult or is that -- >> i don't. my process is not to make that recommendation. we have a very capable dangerous attorney to work with the family to decide what accountability should be. that's not something that we -- we as the police department want to -- so -- we want the to give
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the district attorney as much information as we can and they make the decision. >> what was the suspect doing at the time of the arrest? >> i'm sorry. you can repeat the question? >> you can provide any details of the -- can you provide any details of the arrest? whether there was any resistance -- >> there's no reeightance. we didn't have a chase -- resistance -- we didn't have a chase. there was no resistance. >> we've learned that two juvenile -- two juveniles, a 16- year-old and 17-year-old were arrested. police say one of the two has been arrested for murder in the that shooting death of a 3- month-old boy in east palo alto. police say they are still looking looking for a second suspect. this remains an active investigation. as for the motive, it appears the shooting was an attempt of retaliation after the su


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